"RECOGNITION" Distinctions


Image Sans Frontière proposes some distinctions to the members who get some acceptations in the international exhibitions and competitions

Acknowlegdement 1st level of Image Sans Frontière

Acknowledgement 10th level of Image Sans Frontière


The owner of these distinctions is allowed to take advantage of these distinctions in any circumstances

To get one of these distinctions, the candidate must meet the following conditions:

A) Present a detailed demand (model of the demand available on the internet site of ISF), with a due sum of money , payable by paypal on the internet site or to the address of the account  : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

B) Fill in the chart of the written proves of acceptations of the demand following the model of the demand of distinction giving the information of the acceptations and ISF prizes as well as PSA et FIAP for the equivalences.

 Only the acceptations obtained in the international shows benefited from an ISF label or a FIAP or PSA patronage are taken into consideration whatever section is concerned.

Acceptations in the shows with FIAP or PSA patronages = 1 point

Acceptations in the shows with ISF labels = 2 points

The acceptations in the competitions organised by ISF, notably World Cup, Europa Cup or Grand Prix = 3 points.

The departure date for the count of the points is that of the demand and cannot exceed 10 years and the date considered for a show is that of the judgement of this show.

ISF reserves the right of checking by any means the validity of a demand.

The demand of distinction must be addressed to the person in charge of the Distinctions ; Philippe Bolle : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

The demand by e- mail : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. will be accompanied by an identity photo of the author and of 4 digital files among the best acceptations quoted in the demand (files jpg of 300 dpi whose largest size will be of 3000 pixels).

The author expressly authorizes ISF to publish the totality or part of the file for the promotion of Image Sans Frontière.

Each person asking for a distinction will receive first by e-par mail, then by post their diploma. If the photographer is not a member of ISF yet, he will receive the information concerning the activities of ISF until the next demand of subscription.

Table of the points to obtain the distinctions « reconnaissance »

So there are 10 levels from 1 to 10

And 4 stages  :

1st  : R-ISF 1

2nd : R-ISF-2, R-ISF-3, R-ISF-4

3rd: R-ISF-5, R-ISF-6, R-ISF-7

4th: R-ISF-8, R-ISF-9, R-ISF-10


To get a higher distinction, two possibilities:

  • linear: after obtaining R-ISF-1 the author demands R-ISF-2, etc.… up to R-ISF-10
  • per stage: four

The first stage is compulsory R-ISF-1.

Then one carries on from linear progression to progression by stage and vice versa


Ex.: following his first demand,

With 540 points: the author can ask:

R-ISF-1 and R-ISF-3. They will pay for 2 distinctions.

With 3100 points, the author can ask for R-ISF-1, R-ISF-4, R-ISF-7 and R-ISF-8.

So they will pay for 4 distinctions.



Number of points

Linear Progression

Progression by stages



Member / Non Member

Member/ Non Member



50 points

50 € / 65 €

50 € / 65 €


100 points (50 + 50)

50 € / 65 €



300 points (100 + 200)

50 € / 65 €

50 € / 65 €


600 points (300 + 300)

50 € / 65 €



1200 points (600 + 600)

50 € / 65 €



1800 points (1200 + 600)

50 € / 65 €

50 € / 65 €


2400 points (1800 + 600)

50 € / 65 €



3000 points (2400 + 600)

50 € / 65 €



3500 points (3000 + 500)

50 € / 65 €

50 € / 65 €


4000 points (3500 + 500)

50 € / 65 €